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Fipol reflects the know-how and experience of the group companies’ composite materials, construction and pool industry best on fiberglass pools. Fipol Pools has first first entered the business by exporting its fiberglass pools to France, Spain and Greece. By the year 2007 it started selling its products in the domestic market as well.

Fipol, is a quality and customer oriented company. It is the first company which uses vinyl-ester barrier coat in Turkey, also one of the few pioneers in the Europe.

With the professional design and engineering staff, Fipol is always aiming to produce the most aesthetic, functional, top quality, and strongest pools which serves the needs of the end user and the customer best.

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1 - Marking the area of the pool for excavation.
2 - Completion of the excavation.
3 - Starting the transportation of the pool from the factory.
4 - Pouring concrete on the ground which the pool will be located.
5 - Taking the pool off the vehicle with a crane.
6 - Housing the pool on the safe rugged ground.
7 - Completing the water circulation systems.
8 - Filling the surrounding area with the sand (water should be used while filling, the differance in between should not be more than 20 cm.)
9 - The last inspections should be done before swimming.

A.O.S.B. 2. Kisim Alani 21. Cadde No:5
Dosemealti / Antalya / Turkey
+90 242 258 00 45 - 46 - 51 - 52

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