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The most well known and widely used composite material is called fiberglass (aka. GRP). Today, fiberglass is widely used in marine-tech, aerospace, automotive, energy, infrastructure, tourism and amusement industries. The amount of personal fiberglass usage is directly proportional to development ration of the country. Briefly, fiberglass is thematerial of this age.

The private residental villa pools became popular in the U.S.A. by 70’s, in the Southern Europe by 80’s and 90’s in Turkey besides the public pools. More wide spread in the U.S.A. but as the first choice in the South Europe are the fiberglass pools. The first choice in the U.S.A. usually is the concrete or vinyl-lineer pools, but as a second orthird choices are definetely the fiberglass pools (because of the problems that occurs with the concrete and vinyl-liner pools).

Fiberglass pools have many advantages and benefits over any pool on the market today. FIPOL pools are designed to incorporate the best features of the fiberglass pools.

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