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Fipol Inc. was established in Antalya by the leading company of water slides sector Polin Inc. and the leading company of the pool sector Günsu Inc. coming together in 2004.

After the construction of 10,000 sqm closed production area and administrative buildings that consisting of the part one completed in 2007, Fipol Inc. started its manufacturing operations in it’s own 52.000 sqm area in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. It aims to be one of the largest fiberglass production centers in Europe with the 34.000 sqm closed production area.

Fipol Inc. is targeted to produce pools, filters and boats with the experiences of the group companies in the composite sector. Using modern and new production techniques such as; Hand Lay Up, RTM, Vaccum Infusion and Pultirision, Fipol is planning to bring a new approach to the industry. This will also bring new solutions to other customer demands which can be solved with fiberglass.

Fipol Inc. are increasing its share in the international market day by day with the exporting fiberglass pools, aquariums and other products to United States, France, Spain, Greece and Israel. Customer’s wishes that have been missed until today in composite sector was solved by the help of Fipol Inc.’s innovative approach.

A.O.S.B. 2. Kisim Alani 21. Cadde No:5
Dosemealti / Antalya / Turkey
+90 242 258 00 45 - 46 - 51 - 52

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